Find out about the costs and how to express an interest in starting the Certificate for Music Educators (CME) course.

The application process for the CME is simple − complete the form on this page to express your interest. By providing some essential information about yourself and your music educational setting, we will preliminarily assess your eligibility for the course pending a more formal application and interview.

Course fees

Participants can choose to make a single payment, or pay half at the start of the course and half in April of the year completion is expected.

Table to show the fees for the CME.
Enrolment type Fees
Standard enrolment For private music educators not affiliated to a delivery partner of the MEHEM consortium £990
Music Education Hub Delivery Partner enrolment For music educators working for or affiliated to a delivery partner of the MEHEM consortium (verification is required) £750

Express your interest in the CME

Please note that asterisks (*) indicate required information.

  • Contact details
  • Your current musical setting
  • Your experience
  • Why the CME appeals to you

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