Breakdown of the 6 units of the Trinity Certificate for Music Educators (CME).

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Child playing castanets
This unit explores ways in which children and young people value music and why it is important to them. A variety of learning methods suitable for different settings will be considered. Much of this work will be assessed through brief written tasks and lesson observation.
Planning a music lesson
This unit will be addressed through two face to face training sessions as we believe these 3 core topics are the key to successful teaching and learning in music. The training sessions will cover areas such as planning teaching strategies that are fit for purpose; leading musical learning activities; using a range of appropriate assessment activities and evaluating progression in children and young people's musical understanding. This unit will be assessed mainly through workplace observation.
Violin in front of a persons facce
Learners will use a learning journal throughout the duration of the programme to reflect on the effectiveness of their teaching and how they have improved in their own subject knowledge and practice.
Trumpet assistant
This unit will consider a number of behaviour management strategies that are pro-active rather than reactive ways of encouraging positive behaviour. Learners will demonstrate through lesson observation how effectively they deal with challenging and inappropriate behaviour from children and young people in their chosen setting. This unit will be assessed through online study and analysis; lesson observations and mentor dialogue.
Children watching a concert
This unit will consider ways in which to ensure music education is fully inclusive all for children and young people. Online learning will bring learners up to date with current developments and challenge them to reflect on areas of their work where there is potential for them to discriminate. This unit will also have a faced to face training session.
Children clapping
This unit will be mainly online study with application in the learner's workplace. It is crucial that all involved in music education are up to date in their knowledge of safeguarding procedures and can demonstrate how they would apply this knowledge in a real-life situation.
Group of young children
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